Servus beinand! 
A Hendl, a Brezn,
an Obatzdn und
a Maß bittschön.

Dear visitors,
that's the way we order

in Bavaria!
Of course we don't expect

that from you!
Thank you very much for visiting our new website and we look forward to welcome you soon

personally to introduce you to our Bavarian comfortable ambience and unique Bavarian Cuisine.

Lilian und Hans Holzer

Bavarian Lifestyle - traditionally different
Bavaria stands for impressive landscapes, centuries-old customs and a very special attitude to life:
Whether they are in a beer garden or inn, or at a traditional festival – all across the state, people celebrate Bavarian “Gemütlichkeit” and a sense of conviviality. The inhabitants of Bavaria delight visitors from beyond its borders with their
friendly manner and the way they still embrace ancient customs. These are passed down from one generation to the next
– always authentic and yet re-interpreted. In other words, “traditionally different”.

Bavarian delicacies - Tapas Bavaria
We offer "Leberkäse" / Beef and Pork Loaf , "Obatzda" /  a Special Bavarian Cheese,

"Kasspatz'n" / Cheese Spaetzle and other specialties, for what we are famous for.

Everything is fesh and handmade. Here you can enjoy our Tapas Bavaria and

a lot of other bavarian specialities to feel like God in France, or even better -

in Southern Spain, Torre del Mar. Curious?  

Let's go to the menu

A good Erdinger Beer as a refresher

ERDINGER Weissbier with fine yeast  -- 

The ultimate premium wheat beer. Private Brewery Since 1886

Traditionally matured in the bottle – like champagne. ERDINGER Weissbier with fine yeast is brewed

according to a traditional recipe and in strict accordance with the Bavarian Purity Law. 

Every sip leaves you wanting more – our ERDINGER Weissbier with fine yeast is the crowning glory of traditional Bavarian brewing skills.

The strength of this classic wheat beer lies in the harmonious balance it achieves between the various aromas. Gently spicy wheat and yeast aromas blend with mildly bitter hops. The invigorating carbon dioxide ensures its typical liveliness. A premium beer whose full-bodied yet elegant character leaves a lasting impression of ultimate Bavarian enjoyment. A truly unique wheat beer!

ERDINGER Weissbräu allows its top-fermenting specialty to mature in the bottle in the traditional manner, just like champagne. This wheat beer from Erding offers more than just sparkling refreshment – it gives a true taste of Bavaria.

The Taste of Bavaria.


With our catering service "Weâ Ko, dea ko", we organize your personal event comfortably at your home, Bavarian, rustic and unforgettable.

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